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CANADA Unitrade #727a

Silver Omitted and Embossing Missing

for Value and CANADA

Mint, Never Hinged - ex-Bileski holding

Our price is only $300.00 USD


Canada Booklet #298 (SC#2069) 49¢ Christmas Issue with Red CANADA Doubled


click image to see full size

- Red "CANADA" Doubled on all 6 stamps in upper pane of booklet

Our price is only $300.00 USD




CANADA Unitrade #726ii

Black Doubled on Value and CANADA

Mint, Never Hinged - ex-Bileski holding

Our price is only $200.00 USD

North American Distributor

New stock has arrived.....

Australasian Stamp Catalogue 32nd Edition Volume 1

covers all Stamps issued Australian up to February 2017, and Australian Antarctic Territory, Cocos Islands and Christmas Island up to December 2016

Brand New edition - 400 pages, New A4 format Covers Australia, AAT, Christmas & Cocos (Keeling) Islands Stamps, FDCs, Packs, Year Books and Postal Stationery Illustrated in Full Colour

Our price is only $89.95 CAD - SPECIAL $80.00 CAD

($74.95 $60.00 USD)


CANADA Unitrade #43c

5c on 6c Major Re-Entry

click image to see full size

see for examples and explanation of how this variety occurs

click image to see full size

Untrade Canada Specialized catalogue lists Fine Used at $3000.00

Our price is only $1250.00 USD


CANADA Unitrade #925

(Darnell 1089-CM - $300.00 retail for block of 4)

34¢ Parliamnet Buildings - June 21, 1985

Full Pane with

Repellex Error

across Row #6

click image to see full size

click image to see full size

I also see a few other errors on the pane, away from the repellex error

Our price is only $750.00 USD

for full pane 100

Canada UCS#523a(cx) 5¢ Christmas center block of 10 Misperf

(click on image for full view)

Misperf 5¢ Christmas center block/10 (all pairs)

** including #522iii "Dot between M and A of Christmas" **


** #522d "2 dots" in lower right of Sun (unlisted but known) **

Our price is only $750.00 USD

Canada 2798a Booklet MNH Christmas, Santa Claus
Complete booklet

click image to see full size


click image to see full size


click image to see full size

Canada UCS#862 17¢ Hanlan Blue Double Print

- - -

(click on image for full view)

Our price is only $300.00 USD


Canada UCS# 587 2 ¢ Laurier Mis-Perf Pane

(click on image for full view)



Canada #1587 90¢ Christmas Issue with Green Colour Missing

click image to see full size

- Green background colour missing from lower pair

- in UL plate block - upper pair green background, lower pair gold background

There may have been a sheet that overlapped this sheet when the green was applied - you can see the green colour where it came through the perf holes of the overlapping sheet

Upper pair printing is green, lower pair printing is gold

**Fading from light or chemical would make the upper pair show colour missing, not the pair that had the overlapped sheet**


Our price is only $1250.00 USD

Canadian Revenue Stamp Catalogue 2017

by E. S. J. van Dam

2017 edition

1200 colour illustrations and new prices - spiral bound 9x6 214pg

Our Price $29.95 SOLD OUT


Back in Stock again.....

G & K 102 dealer display cards

**quality card stock and full size window**

- white with printing on top for price - 1000 per box

$48.00 USD per box + shipping

(web orders only - full box only)

U.S retail $56.98/box

(RED 102 storage boxes - full size - also back in stock)

Received from an estate - used albums/pages:

Omnia album pages

Click Here - Specials


2019 is sold out!! (special orders still possible)

click image to see full size

Completely revised with updated prices, images and text on many items. They use Scott numbering and included detailed listings of Canadian postage, Back-of-the-Book,
Postal Stationery, Booklets, Provinces including Newfoundland, Semi-official Airs, Duck/Wildlife, Yearbooks, etc.

Enquire about a copy now - they sell out quickly!!

$47.95 USD (+ shipping and taxes) - email ORDER HERE

(click image to go to LITERATURE page)

Back in stock


East Africa with Egypt & Sudan

- Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue 4th edition 2018

Brunei, Malaysia & Singapore

- Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue 5th edition 2017

Northern Caribbean, Bahamas & Bermuda

- Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue 4th edition 2016


- Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue 4th edition 2013



- Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue 11th edition 2018


China - Stanley Gibbons 2018 CHINA STAMP CATALOGUE - Part 17 - 12th edition - $110.95

NEW! - Now In Stock - NEW!


This new catalogue lists telegraph and telephone stamps of the whole world, by country - 1st edition


Back in Stock

Desert Magic II Drying Book



The larger 8.5 x 11 inch format will easily accommodate blocks or souvenir sheets. The "Desert Magic" Drying System utilizes a special release paper with heavy blotting pages. The release paper will not permit stamps, even those with problem gums like PVA to adhere to the drying surface. The absence of plastic interleaves shortens the time traditionally needed to dry stamps. The book contains 7 blotters with 6 release pages.
Stamp soaking and drying becomes more of a rewarding pastime than a messy chore. Newspapers, phone books, towels, plastic interleaving are no longer required.

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Canada Varieties (#1 - #499), Canada Varieties Pg 2 (#500 - #999) Canada Varieties Pg 3 (#1000 - Back-of-the-Book),

New Zealand (including Adverts),

U.S.A. Stamps,

Collections, Russia, Space, Australia, Scandinavia and St. Pierre and Miquelon, as well as, Canada Plate Blocks, Canada Booklets and some mint and used Canada Back-of-the-Book. Check it out!!

NEW updates and additions

09/09/19 - Literature, 7/31/19 - Canada Annual Yearbooks,4/07/19 - Canada Varieties, 12/28/18 - Specials, 12/28/18 - Used Literature, 3/16/18 - EFO Specials, 12/02/17 - Coin Literature, 6/13/17 - New Zealand (including Adverts), 3/01/17 - Postal History, 2/17/17 - U.S.A. Stamps, 12/16/16 - Canadian Booklets, 8/09/16 - Supplies, 9/16/12 - Canada First Day Covers, 5/21/12 - Collections, 3/20/11- Russia, 12/23/10 - Germany

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Many 2018 CANADA supplements are available. Order yours today!

Canada 2018 CWS Hingeless, Unity, Parliament, Jarrett and Dominion and US 2018 Presidents and Seal are now available! Harris 2017 Canada and Harris MASTER 2017 Worldwide supplement are still waiting for release. Lindner, Lighthouse and Minkus Canada and other select supplements, as well as, White Ace and Scott supplements can be ordered so they are ready to ship when available (some are early summer release)!

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