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We carry catalogues, album supplements and supplies from the finest manufacturers in the world, including Lindner, Stanley Gibbons, Minkus, Scott and CWS. We have supplies from Harris, White Ace, Safe, Schaubek, Davo, Lighthouse, Darnell and others. We carry a wide range of supplies and would be happy to track down an item for you, if we don't stock it!!

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G & K 102 dealer display cards

-top quality card stock

- white with printing on top for price - 1000 per box

$48.00 USD per box + shipping

(web orders only - full box only)

U.S retail $56.98/box


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CWS - to order any supplies, email your request with your mailing address HERE

  Album Page 2-Post CWS 64 sht/pkg Blank or Quadrille (64 sheets/pkg)-fits Harris 7.95
  Album Refill 3-hole CWS 100 sht/pkg Brilliant #1 Heavy - Printed one side 14.25
  Album Refill 3-hole CWS 50 sht/pkg Superb Quad Heavy Printed with quadrilles, one side 8.95
  Album Page Blank 3-hole CWS 10 pg/pkg Unity 4.95
Canada Album CWS   Tradition complete with binder Vol. 1 - 1851 - 2002 45.00
Canada Album CWS   Unity Vol. II with binder 1981-2000 79.95
Hingeless Canada Vol. 1 CWS   Impresario 18 pages to 1974  65.95
Hingeless Canada Vol. 2 CWS   Impresario 18 pages to 1975-88  65.95
Hingeless Canada Vol. 3 CWS   Impresario 27 pages to 1989-2000  95.00
Hingeless Canada Vol. 4 CWS   Impresario pages 2001-2009  135.00
Stamp Album GB Hingeless CWS   Great Britain pages to 1970 74.00
2-post album Binder CWS   Deluxe WW - printed front and spine SOLD OUT 10.00
2-Post Album Binder CWS   2 inch 17.00
2-Post Album Binder CWS   4 inch 23.00
Binder/Slipcase set CWS   #614 12.00
Stamp Binder 3-ring CWS   #614 5.00
Stamp Binder 3-ring CWS   Unity  27.00
Stamp Binder 3-ring + slipcase CWS   Unity - 3-ring with slipcase  35.00
Superb Binder CWS   Suede - volume number and coat-of-arms can be added - inquire 26.95
Superb Binder with slipcase CWS   Suede - Canada Coat-of-Arms with Plate Block plug already added 35.00
  Stock Page Black CWS   North American - assorted sizes - inquire 1.25
  Album page CWS   Parliament Officials 3-ring 5.00
Older supplements available - ask if looking for specific years - we may just have it in stock!
  Canada Supplement CWS   21st Century - full colour 3-ring 35.95
  Canada Supplement CWS   Dominion 3-ring 29.95
  Canada Supplement CWS   Jarrett 3-ring  14.95
  Canada Supplement CWS   Parliament 3-ring  26.95
  Canada Supplement CWS   Unity - full colour - 3 ring 32.95
  US Supplement CWS   President 3-ring  20.95
  US Supplement CWS   Seal 3-ring  21.50
  US Supplement CWS   States 2-post 20.95
  WW supplement CWS   2-post - will fit Harris also 17.95
Magnifier Carson Pro CP-45 - The CP-45, MeasureLoupe™ from the Carson Pro Series, is an 11.5x LED/UV lighted loupe. The built-in reticle is a great tool for measuring and inspecting. Ideal for viewing coins, stamps, camera negatives, specimens, etc. Use the UV light to find the hidden images on currency or fluorescence on stamps - 5.5" x 2.3" x 2.0" - Includes protective storage pouch. Uses 3 AAA batteries, not included. Carson Optical   CP-45 49.95
Photo Corner H&P 225/pkg 6021 2.95

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Harris - to order any supplies, email your request with your mailing address HERE

2-Post Canada & Provinces Album "B" Complete 2006 to 2010 (Harris Style) Unitrade   Maroon Heirloom-style 2 inch binder 39.95
  2-Post Album Binder Harris   Heirloom 2 inch SOLD19.95
  Canada Supplement 2-post Harris   Canada and Provinces  14.95
  US Supplement 2-post Harris   Liberty  15.95
  WW Supplement Harris   Master 34.95
Binder Pocket size Hilroy   724 6-ring (will fit #6 dealer page) 7.00
Magnifier for reading glasses. Adjustable to fit all frames. Diameter of lens 1 1/4" (30 mm). 5 x magnification. The flexible link allowsfor precise adjustment for frame and eye. Lighthouse   LUClip SOLD12.00
Magnifier Precision LED illuminated magnifier in jeweler quality, 10x magnification, glas lens, 1 powerful LED, foldaway design, lens diameter: 18mm (3/4"), includes batteries (2x 3AG12). Lighthouse   LU24LED SOLD16.00
Magnifier Pull-out magnifier with LED. Amazing 20X magnification. Black matt plastic housing. Lens diameter: 13/16? (21 mm). 1 powerful LED. Incl. 3 LR1130 batteries. Dimensions: 2 1/8 x 1 5/16 x 15/16? (54 x 34 x 23 mm) Lighthouse   LU30LED SOLD20.00
Approval Cards Lighthouse  100/bx 341-465 - 3 pocket black with clear strips + cover flap 30.00
  Approval Cards Lighthouse  100/bx 329-963 - 3 pocket black with clear strips + cover flap 28.95
  Stock sheet Lighthouse 5/pkg Vario - Assorted sizes inquire (we may substitute brand) 6.95

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Lindner - to order any supplies, email your request with your mailing address HERE

  European FDC album small Lindner   LNR 816 21.95
  US FDC album small Lindner   LNR 817  39.95
Blank Album Page Lindner 10/pkg T-Blank assorted sizes - order by package 43.50
Canada Album Vol. 1 Lindner   T500 Vol. 1 1851-1952 (pages only)  on request
  Canada Album Vol. 2 Lindner   T500/53 Vol. 2 1953-71 (pages only) on request
  Canada Album Vol. 3 Lindner   T500/a Vol. 3 1972-82 (pages only)  on request
  Canada Album Vol. 4 Lindner   T500/83 Vol. 4 1983-91 (pages only) on request
  Canada Album Vol. 5 Lindner   T500/92 Vol. 5 1992-97 (pages only)  on request
  Canada Album Vol. 6 Lindner   T500/98 Vol. 6 1998-02 (pages only) on request
  Canada Album Vol. 7 Lindner   T500/03 Vol. 7 2003-08 (pages only)  on request
Binder/Slipcase set Lindner   1122 - padded 18-ring binder is made from a smooth plastic material called
“Yorn” and comes complete with fly leaves, page lifters and an index window
on the spine for identification purposes. - Format Ring Binders: 305 x 317 mm
on request
  Binder/Slipcase set Lindner   1124 - deep, grainy leatherette material gives this ring binder an attractive
appearance. The padded binder comes equipped with: 18-ring mechanism,
fly leaves, page lifters, and an index window on the spine for identification purposes.
Format Ring Binders: 305 x 317 mm
on request
Perforation Gauge Lindner   Combi-Box SOLD33.00
  Stock page assort Lindner 10/pkg Multi-collect - pages black or clear 18.95
Stock Pages Lindner 10/pkg Omnia Assorted - order by package 46.00
Canada Supplement Lindner   any year on request
Meghrig StampLift Meghrig   Separates hoplessly stuck-down stamps to mint condition, preserving the original gum.Removes paper and hinges from used stamps. No chemicals needed. Simple to use. Directions enclosed. SOLD9.00
  Canada Supplement Minkus   3-ring on request
  British Europe #1 Minkus   2002  29.95
Canada Provinces Album Pages Minkus   3-ring - owner pulled these out of his album and put them into folder for safe keeping - as new - includes pages for British Columbia and Vancouver Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland $20.00
Stamp Mounting Sheets--Ashton-Potter National Postal Museum stamp mounting sheets. These pages are AZURE in colour, are 100% rag content, size 297 mm x 219 mm (approx. 8.5 x 11.6 in.) with vellum finish. The pages are quadrille ruled in light gray, with a small logo of Canadian Beaver at the bottom and are great for framed exhibits. This is a package of 15 sheets. Ashton-Potter 15/pkg APL-MS 9.95
Magnifier Light Peak   10X has a 28mm field of view Eye-piece = 20 mm 44.00
PERFOtronic - The World's Only Optic-Electronic Perforation Gauge - SAFE   The PERFOtronic automatically measures by rounding up or down to the next 1/4 perforation shown in stamp catalogs. The processor of the unit is able to calculate around missing perforations or perforation mistakes.
-Measures the perf. value within a fraction of a second with the help of light sensors
-Nothing touches your stamp, therefore no damage possible
-Accurate to 1/100 mm
-Displays in 1/4 increments, i.e. 14.25,14.5, 14.75, 15, etc.
-Operates on an AC adapter with 12 Volt DC output (supplied)
-Use on regular or large stamps, coils and stamps with margins
-Maintenance free
-Size: 7-1/2"x 5-1/2" x 2-1/2" High
SAFE   The Safe Signoscope T1 is a professional model for the specialist collector and stamp dealer.
This is an optical watermark detector which refracts light from a 7.5 volt bulb through a perspex block to show the differences in paper thickness and will also highlight paper thins and repairs.
This model is best for high volumes of stamps and for more difficult watermarks as it has an adjustable and brighter light source. (MSR $549.00 USD)
Clean and Safe will detect all Great Britain watermarks.
This unit is suitable for loose stamps only and has a maximum viewing area of 50 x 50mm.
Comes with a free mains adaptor and can also run on 5 x AA batteries.
Overall unit size 200 x 90 x 140mm. . Gently used model
Desert Magic II Drying Book Showgard 8.5 x 11 The larger format will easily accommodate blocks or souvenir sheets. The "Desert Magic" Drying System utilizes a special release paper with heavy blotting pages. The release paper will not permit stamps, even those with problem gums like PVA to adhere to the drying surface. The absence of plastic interleaves shortens the time traditionally needed to dry stamps. The book contains 7 blotters with 6 release pages.
Stamp soaking and drying becomes more of a rewarding pastime than a messy chore. Newspapers, phone books, towels, plastic interleaving are no longer required.

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Stanley Gibbons - to order any supplies, email your request with your mailing address HERE

Colour Key SG   SG2530 Colour Key  39.00
Perforation Gauge SG   Instanta 15.00

Unitrade Associates- to order any supplies, email your request with your mailing address HERE

  Dual FDC Album Unitrade   Dual Green - 2 pockets per page 25.00
  FDC Album Unitrade   FDC2 - fifty single pockets for 100 covers 29.95
  Album Refill 3-ring Unitrade  100/pkg Brilliant Heavy 21.00
  Approval Cards Unitrade  100/bx U535 - 3 pocket black with clear strips + cover flap 27.00
Dealer Display Card Unitrade  1M/bx 102 window cards white 56.95
Dealer Display Card Unitrade  1M/bx 102 window cards black background 56.95
  Dealer Display Card Unitrade  100/pkg #101c 8x5 Vinyl 1 pocket page. Ideal for covers, postal stationary, small souvenir sheets, approval cards and more. 49.95
Dealer Display Card Unitrade  100/pkg #106c 8x5 double sided vinyl page to hold 6 x 102 card 59.95
  Glassine Envelopes Unitrade  1M/bx #1 - 1-3/4 x 2-7/8 (market changes quickly - email for confirmed price) 54.00
  Glassine Envelopes Unitrade  1M/bx #2 - 2-5/16 x 3-5/8 (market changes quickly - email for confirmed price) 64.00
  Glassine Envelopes Unitrade  1M/bx #3 - 2-1/2 x 4-1/4 (market changes quickly - email for confirmed price)  66.00
Glassine Envelopes Unitrade  1M/bx #4 - 3-1/4 x 4-7/8 (market changes quickly - email for confirmed price) 79.00
  Glassine Envelopes Unitrade  1M/bx #5 - 3-1/2 x 6 (market changes quickly - email for confirmed price) 105.00
  Glassine Envelopes Unitrade  1M/bx #6 - 3-3/4 x 6-3/4 (market changes quickly - email for confirmed price) 129.00
  Glassine Envelopes Unitrade  1M/bx #7 - 4-1/8 x 6-1/4 (market changes quickly - email for confirmed price) 148.00
  Glassine Envelopes Unitrade  1M/bx #8 - 4-1/2 x 6-5/8 (market changes quickly - email for confirmed price) 152.00
  Polylopes Unitrade  100/pkg U408 - Large - 3 mil poly sleeve - 8-1/4 x 4 5.00
  Polylopes Unitrade  100/pkg U408A - Large - 3 mil poly sleeve - 8 x 41/2 (Off. CanPost Cvr) 5.00
  Polylopes Unitrade  100/pkg U407 - Medium - 3 mil poly sleeve - 7-3/8 x 4-1/8 (#6 envelope) 4.50
  Polylopes Unitrade  100/pkg U406 - Small - 3 mil poly sleeve - 6-1/4 x 4 (postcard size) 3.50
  Polylopes Unitrade  100/pkg U509 - XLarge - 3 mil poly sleeve - 9 x 5-1/4 6.00
  Polylopes Unitrade  100/pkg U510 - XLarge - 3 mil poly sleeve - 10 x 4-3/4 (#10 envelope) 6.00
Stamp Hinges Unitrade  1M/pkg Dennisen (SPECIAL) 4.25 4.95
Magnifier Loupe Unitrade   702W - 7mm + 13mm loupes 10X + 15X 14.00
Magnifier Loupe Unitrade   705W - 13mm + 25mm loupes 10X + 20X 36.95
  Mount Guillotine Unitrade   Small - cuts up to 94mm strip height 19.95
  Mounts 'G' Unitrade   sizes - #20 - #33 7.50
  Mounts 'G' Unitrade   sizes - #36 - #55 9.95
  Mounts 'G' Unitrade   sizes - #57 - 158 8.95
  Mounts 'S' Unitrade   sizes - #20 - #33 7.50
  Mounts 'S' Unitrade   sizes - #36 - #55 9.95
  Mounts 'S' Unitrade   sizes - #57 - 158 8.95
Perforation Gauge Unitrade   Clearvue 1.95
  Postcard Holder Unitrade  10/pkg Rigid SOLD3.00
  Stamp Sheet File Unitrade   Large - 24 sheets 11-1/8 x 13-1/2 10.00
  Stamp Sheet File Unitrade   Small - 24 sheets 9 x 11-5/8 9.00
Stock sheet Unitrade  5/pkg FlexoGrip - 8.5 x 11 inch black with clear pockets - 1 pocket to 7 pockets, block/4 - double sided - order by size 6.95
  Stock Sheet    100/pkg Manila 12 pkt 85.00
  Red Storage Box Unitrade   #102 small 4-3/4 x 14-1/2 x 3-1/2 7.00
  Red Storage Box Unitrade   Large #4 Env 10.00
  Red Storage Box Unitrade   Postcard size - 6-3/4 x 4-1/2 x 16 14.00
Stamp Tongs Unitrade   5 inch bent shovel 3.95
pic Stamp Tongs Unitrade   Dealer 6 inch 9.95
Ultraviolet lamp Unitrade   Long Wave 19.00
Ultraviolet lamp Unitrade   Short Wave SOLD34.00
  Ultraviolet lamp     Dual tube - Long and Short Wave - battery hand held 69.00
  Watermark Fluid Unitrade   Supersafe 250ml 20.00
  Album Page Blank White Ace  10/pkg Canada SOLD5.00

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